Artists latest tours around the UK

Some well-known legends of the music industry and some lesser known smaller acts currently on tour:

De La Soul – Starting 1st of May at O2 arena and ending 8th Aug in Sub89 Reading.

The Enemy – Kicks off 28th May in KOKO Camden and ends 12th June Edge of the wedge in Southsea

Idlewild – UK tour starts at An Tobar in Argyllshire 4th Oct and finishes up in Birnam Arts Centre in Perth and Kinross.

Palma Violets – Psych-Rock band are playing Voodoo in Belfast 7th April and Cyprus Avenue in Cork 11th April.


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Top 7 Jobs for Touring Musician

When it comes to being a touring musician there is no greater hurdle than the one that is your day job. Dealing with a day job can be crippling for the musician that needs to get up and go at a moment’s notice for their next big show. Most of these choices can be pursued without extra training but some require specific skills. These skills can be learned overtime and obtaining them could give you a large edge over your competition. However, there are great jobs out there that will be flexible enough to allow the touring musician to roam. Here are our top 7 flexible jobs for people in bands.

1. Freelance Writer

Feel like you have a way with words? Well, turn it into your income! Many people nowadays are raised on the com
puter and they have turned that experience into high speed typing. If you have a strong grip on grammar, spelling, and creative thinking then you can easily find some work in this burgeoning field. All you need is a laptop and the ability to get online.

2. Sell Insurance

One of the biggest enemies of the active musician is this little guy known as the ‘punch in clock’. Having to go to work and punch in on the time clock then sit around for eight hours a day will be the enemy of every dreamer for the rest of their lives. So escape it! Sign up with a reputable insurance agency and begin selling insurance to friends, family, and anyone who will listen. You make your hours, your schedule, and can take the job with you anywhere. All you need is to get licensed by an agency.

3. Sell Crafts on Etsy

If you are a musician that is at the point of touring then you probably are a pretty creative person. Turn that creativity toward making collectible crafts. You can make necklaces, pendants, book covers–anything you can imagine! Fans of your work will pay top dollar on the various craft websites on the internet.

4. Work as a Search Engine Evaluator

This position may be a little bit harder to come by as it requires you to take a placement test. A Search Engine Evaluator is an independent contractor hired by a company to rate results sent in via search engine. This is how Google and Yahoo can handcraft their searches to give you the best results. With a laptop and internet you can even do this on the road.

5. Become a Voice Actor

Do you feel like you have a unique voice? Put it to the test! There are many websites and businesses out there that need voices to sling their products. With a good condenser microphone and a laptop you will be able to provide top quality recordings. Websites like Voices or Voices123 act as great mediums between actor and client.

6. Become a Microtask Worker

A microtask worker is a person that gets paid by the individual task that they do. They are hired by different websites online, like: Clickworker, MTURK, and Lionbridge, to do a multitude of tiny tasks. These tasks could include small surveys or image sorting. Each task can pay anywhere from a penny all the way to several dollars. Do enough of them and you’ll be rolling in cash!

7. Sell Band Merchandise

You will never be more connected to your fans than when you are on the road and there will never be a better time to try and sell merch. By designing and printing off bulk orders of merchandise (T-Shirts, Buttons, Stickers, CDs) you can get great value for the quantity. Up the price accordingly at concerts and sell them to as many people as possible. You won’t get rich but it’ll keep you floating!