Artists latest tours around the UK

Some well-known legends of the music industry and some lesser known smaller acts currently on tour:

De La Soul – Starting 1st of May at O2 arena and ending 8th Aug in Sub89 Reading.

The Enemy – Kicks off 28th May in KOKO Camden and ends 12th June Edge of the wedge in Southsea

Idlewild – UK tour starts at An Tobar in Argyllshire 4th Oct and finishes up in Birnam Arts Centre in Perth and Kinross.

Palma Violets – Psych-Rock band are playing Voodoo in Belfast 7th April and Cyprus Avenue in Cork 11th April.


Vacuum cleaner plays music as it cleans

A new hoover from Electrolux plays music while it is active and cleaning.  Tests have shown that listening to music increases the cleaning power of hovering. It is not known how much impact this actually has on your awesome heavy metal hooveringcleaning productivity however I really enjoy listening to music while I’m doing these types of boring activities. Next time I’m hovering the house I will be enjoying some Pearl Jam on full blast.

Band Record First Album On Solar Power

solar powered bandA band called Willow Smoke has released their first album which was recorded using nothing but the suns power. The band is made up of engineering graduates. The idea came from one of the band member’s end of year projects. He had made a solar powered production system that produced enough electricity to power a small house. This unit could even be used to power a rock concert. The boys wanted to put it to the test. So they went out into their parents cabin which is only accessible by boat and recorded their CD over a 9 day period using nothing but the suns energy.

Crowd Member Sues Skrillex After Stage Dive

stage diving lawsuitA fan at one of Skrillex LA gigs suffered a stroke after being stage dived on.  Jennifer Fraissl claims she was unable to escape due to the crowd moving forward when she was at the front.  She is now suing the band and nightclub for damages, medical bills and loss of earnings.

Neither the night club owner nor skrillex have made any comments.

There is video footage of the total wreckless act although It is not entirely clear if this was the same incident it shows skrillex stage diving.

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